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Immunity Micro Dose Capsules



Unlock the Power of Resistance! Immunity Micro Dose is a potent psilocybinbased supplement that contains 100mg of organic psilocybin (golden teacher strain), 100mg each of Gingko Biloba and Bacopa, and 50mg each of Ginseng and Ginger root. This potent blend is loaded with antioxidants that reduce inflammation, enhance circulation, and strengthen the immune system, providing a natural energy boost and much more.

Obtain Back Your Health! Our carefully crafted formula is designed to promote heart health, boost your immunity, and boost your energy levels, all in one convenient capsule. Enhancing your overall health and vitality will allow you to feel the difference.

Effectively simple! Take 1-2 capsules of Immunity MicroDose every other day, or as needed, to experience the full benefits. Accept the power of this natural remedy to revitalize your life.

Want to Boost Your Immunity? Purchase Immunity Micro Dose Immediately and Embrace a Healthier, More Vibrant You!  Order now for overall well-being.