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TNT 400 Blend



TNT 400 blend is the most potent combination of two powerful compounds: 250mg of Testosterone Enanthate and 150mg of Trenbolone Enanthate. This combination makes TNT an independent array. Testosterone is the foundation of nearly all male steroid cycles, making it the most popular option for those seeking to acquire muscle mass and strength. The most powerful compound ever created, Trenbolone, can help consumers lose fat, acquire lean muscle mass, and improve athletic performance.

With TNT 400, you can experience both compounds’ benefits in a single, convenient vial. Depending on your objectives, we recommend a weekly dosage of 800-1400 mg. TNT 400 Blend can assist you in reaching your objectives, whether they are to lose flab, acquire muscle, or enhance athletic performance.

TNT 400 eliminates the inconvenience of combining two bottles and is the ideal complement to any of the anabolic steroids Omega sells online in Canada. Order TNT 400 now to experience the most potent combination of Testosterone Enanthate and Trenbolone Enanthate.

Take your accomplishments to the next level by ordering TNT 400 today.