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Equipoise, also known as Boldenone Undecylenate, is a potent testosterone-derived anabolic steroid that can assist you in achieving your fitness objectives. Due to its ability to increase lean muscle mass, enhance vascularity, and increase red blood cell count, it is a popular choice among athletes, including racehorses and bodybuilders.

As one of the safest and most effective steroids on the market, Equipoise is an excellent option for anyone seeking to enhance their athletic performance. Whether you’re a bodybuilder seeking to gain muscle or an endurance athlete looking to increase your stamina, Equipoise can help you reach your objectives.

A typical Equipoise regimen would consist of 400-800 mg per week for 12-16 weeks for optimal results. With the EQ vials of 250 mg and 10 ml from Omega Full Potential, you can attain your fitness objectives with the appropriate dosage.

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